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Chauffeur at Disposal

Service Limousine


CLA chauffeured services proposes to book a private chauffeur for a long period in the south of France.

Why ?
During summer season, specially from May to August, the French Riviera welcome an important lookout of tourist wheter in Saint-Tropez and Nice. Drive on the roads become complicated and very stressfull.

Our solution
To meet your needs CLA suggests this premium chauffeured service. It could be an interesting choice if :

-You planned to come for holidays with your family and stay several weeks or even a month. Our drivers, bilingual and professionnal, will be at your disposal during the number of hours that you chose. With their perfect knowledge of the french Riviera, our chauffeurs manage all your travels to the beaches or restaurants. Our Viano V class van or Volkswagen Caravelle are equiped with baby seat for the security of your children.

-You decided to travel with friends to enjoy nightclubs and parties on the beach in the city of Cannes. You won’t have to think about driving, our chauffeurs are at disposal and manage your requirements.

Our private driver at disposal can be available 24 hours/24 and 7days/7, some of them have security skills. It could necessary for the most requiring clients. For you ladies, it can be helpful having someone at disposal if want shopping for a day. They will help you to carry your bags and drive you or follow you.

Our Fleet

Economy Sedan & Van Bagage

Citroën C6, C-Class, Peugeot 607

Citroën C6
Citroën C6 Citroën C6

2/3 Peoples

Ecologic Car

5 Baggages


Economy Van

Renault espace, Peugeuot 807

Renault Espace
Renault Espace

3/4 Peoples

4 Baggages

Executive Sedan


Mercedes Classe E
Mercedes Classe E Mercedes Classe E

Minibar, Music, Newspapper

2/3 Peoples

Ecological car

5 Baggages


Premium Sedan

S Class or Limousine

Mercedes Classe S350L
Mercedes Classe S350L Mercedes Classe S350L

Minibar, Music, Newspapper

2/3 Peoples

Ecological car

4 Baggages


Premium Van

Viano V Class or Volkswagen Caravelle

Mercedes Viano
Mercedes Viano Mercedes Viano

Minibar, Music, Newspapper

7/8 Peoples

Ecological car

7 Baggages



Volkswagen Crafter, Wing, Temsa Safari

Citroën C6
Citroën C6 Citroën C6

20/55 Peoples

Service Limousine

Monaco - Nice - Cannes - Saint-Tropez - Hyeres - Toulon - Courchevel

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